A girl does have to venture out of Merseyside every now and then. A few days ago I went to Leeds to catch up with some pals, get glammed up and do a spot of shopping. I took a couple of pics too of course. 

Spotted this girl in a bar and thought her coat was very nice. I’ve not been able to escape fur recently...I remember back in autumn when I was so excited to have seen my first they are everywhere. Doesn’t make me like them any less though. Especially when worn like this with teeny denim shorts for a bit of a 70's glam rock groupie look. 

Sometimes an understated outfit works wonders. It's all about the American Apparel. Simple, form fitting and always rather sexy. 

Finally a bit of late night shopping with an old pal of mine. I pretty much had to force him to let me take this picture as he is a bit camera shy but I really liked his fawn coloured wool blazer (a wicked charity shop find) and mod jumper so I had to get a quick snap. Ha. 

The Victoria Quarter is one of my favourite places in Leeds. I can’t afford anything in there anymore (there used to be an amazing millinery which also sold vintage jewellery and frocks and brilliant Victorian underwear but it seems to have disappeared sadly) but the arcades looked so beautiful and Christmassy with gorgeous pink crystal chandeliers...I thought I’d share this pretty picture with you.


I was on my way home the other night when I saw this girl mooching outside Liverpool Barfly (now Masque). Obviously in Winter you see a massive array of all coats in all shapes and sizes so it was interesting to see something a bit different to what's predominantly on the high street right now (blazers, girlie frock coats, F-F and biker jackets). This brown leathery flight jacket was a random item she borrowed from the back of her gal pal's closet and it complemented her blond Courtney Love locks and kinda-ill-fitting-but-in-a-good-way '90's basement band' garb...

I like how she has worked in current pieces like the loose velvet slip (very now - look in Urban Outfitters they have loads of velvety bodycons and night-dresses in right now), tartan blokes shirt (which you can just see peeking out), DM's and the novelty tights. Although I am a loyal black opaque tights wearer I have been leaning towards something a bit different recently...I don't know if I could pull off these bold leopard print bad boys but I am rather a fan of black fishnets for a bit of 90's grunge...these are due for a comeback I think...and I don't know why but they are mega flattering (if a bit cold...)


It's cool to see someone opting out of the polished, Liverpool glamazon look at this time of year and going for something different.

When I met this uber-confident girl I thought her glitter bodysuit, chunky stud belt, bondage PVC boots and star print 'Las Vegas' blazer were a terrific combo in the inevitable sea of office party dresses. I don't even have to mention the massive scarlet rockabilly quiff, immaculate lippy and dramatic 80's blusher. In fact I have now been inspired to try channeling my own Las Vegas trash in the run up to xmas with glittery fabrics and clashing print. Wish me luck with that one!


Jumpsuits are cool but can be tricky to pull off. My theory with fad garments is that you can either go for the 'look at me I'm outrageous' camp (crazy prints/textures or sugary sweet and kidlike) or the 'minimal and expensive looking' camp. I met Sophie (below) at the Whistles launch party a while back and took this picture on the night around the back of the store.

This black jersey jumpsuit is firmly in the classic camp and is utterly gorgeous with formal lapels, casual half mast turn-ups, massive pockets and short sleeves. I like how she opts for minimal makeup (sweep of eyeliner & black nail polish) and shiny black tresses to prevent over styling a wonderfully designed piece which really doesn't need much else. Making this outfit xmas party worthy requires nothing more than a pop of orange-red or plum lipstick.


Last Saturday I went to the Affordable Vintage Fair and bought myself some well deserved Xmas party things (a lovely silver necklace, a black and red a-line floozy skirt which I later cut short like the one Madonna wears in Who's that Girl AND another Faux-Fur - chocolate coloured and kinda shabby but awesome). While I was there I popped into the Flashback Boutique stall and had a giggle with the lovely Susannah Flashback and her Teddy Boy quiff pal. I just managed to take this random picture of Susannah's sparkle 70's dress, hippy headband and batwing mohair jumper before my batteries ran out!


Heading home from my xmas shopping the other day I clocked this dapper pair, working a modern spin on the 'English Heritage' look favoured by the good folk over in Windsor Castle. I'm liking their immaculate, quietly confident and ever so slightly eccentric style.

Seen lots of ladies in capes recently...blossoming trend perhaps? This lady's short, voluminous version looks amazing with the vintage paisley scarf, shiny-as-a-conker Chelsea boots and delicate pale A-Line dress. As for the gent, I love how indie boy staples of matchstick skinny jeans and worn oxfords have been spruced up with a crisp buttoned shirt, traditional umbrella and conservative side-parted barnet.


If you are au fait with Liverpool fashion you would have no doubt heard about the opening of the shiny new Whistles store in Liverpool One. Of course Whistles, a mid/high range high street fashion retailer, is rather out of my 'vintage shop, American Apparel and home-made' budget but it has to be said I love their new revitalised direction (simple slouchy luxury knits, sensual textures, on-trend silhouettes and THAT leather biker jacket) and would rather gleefully purchase most of my winter wardrobe from there if I could. I was invited along to the swanky late night launch party (alongside fellow web loggers Lauren McBride of Ironic Fashion and fashion photographer Matt Ford) and thought it would be an awesome opportunity to check out what the other guests were wearing and get some hot pics.

 The adorable Candie Payne on the decks, wearing a monochrome graphic print cropped tee (tied in a knot at the waist) and black bodycon dress.

1920's cropped hair, black fur and striped tights which are on the button. Just wish I had asked where she had bought them from!

Kudos to the Whistles folks that the whole thing was as unpretentious, un-Zlist celeb and un-WAGilicious as possible, with a refreshing crowd which mingled the sophisticated with the scenesters...

 ...even the boys made an effort...bottle green vintage Peacoat, good brogues and long locks. Tres Bien.

AND Fashion retail royalty Jane Shepherdson was there of course. 


Speaking of Oxfam...check out this adorable girl. I spotted her working as a volunteer behind the counter in Oxfam Originals. As soon as I saw her I thought of the Enid Blyton book The Naughtiest Girl in School. My mum bought me an old 60's edition from a second hand bookshop when I was a little 'un and I adored that book so much I read it over and over again. Basically it's about a spoilt kid who gets shipped off to some boarding school and pisses everyone off when she gets there, but there is a happy ending of course. 

Schoolgirl freckles, jet black wavy piggy tails and dishevelled gingham battle with neon floral, 80's basketball sneakers and brazen lashings of liquid eyeliner...resulting in a look somewhere between 'Saved by the Bell', Harejuku and Pippi Longstocking. Fun and wonderfully silly - what a brilliant combo for a conscientious young thing doing charity work.


I probably don't need to tell you that I've been appreciating Faux-Fur a lot recently. I think it's just that its been so bloody cold these days that I'm hugely impressed with anything that can simultaneously look good and be very warm. Here are a couple of inspiring F-F looks I've seen recently on the street.

Dot Love - I've always secretly thought Dot Cotton was a bit of a British fashion icon. Wait... before you guffaw, think about it. Clashing liberty prints...cameo brooches...doily collars...wiggle skirts...cute flats...hand knitted cardies...? This lovely rich dark-chocolate double breasted F-F reminds me of something Cotton would wear to the Queen Vic at Xmas with a pastel headscarf and pearls. However, teamed with pixie hair, Laura Ashley style print, sleek pins and perfect almond-toe granny flats, Sarah (above) makes Dot Cotton's wardrobe look rather dashing if you ask me.

This ace F-F is similar to my own...I prefer the cut on this one through, more of an a-line shape which is really flattering. I like this girls patterned green sateen jumpsuit peeping out and her scattering of accessories, and I especially love the fact she is working it all as a daytime look. All in all a very bohemian yet confident combo. Like most things, on the fur front I'm definitely all for going vintage. Loads cheaper, unique in colour and texture and with a more classic cut. A good one will last yonks too compared to a high street copy. If you must go high street though (vintage sizing can be a bit unpredictable and finding your dream F-F might take a while) H+M has a nice version in a similar cut to the one worn above (in chestnut) for around 70 pounds sterling.


Bit of a big day for FOLLY yesterday...the lovely Claire Hamilton, presenter from BBC Radio Merseyside Drivetime, has been checking out the blog and wanted to do a little something on it for her show. Claire has been involved in loads of stuff in city, organising popular fashion swap shops in Sefton Park Palm House and FACT (I went to one earlier this year and acquired a silk 40's style blouse in exchange for a Zara blazer bought in the sales which never fitted me). So the idea was that we go on a short gander around town to chat about and look for Liverpool street style. Sadly the minging rain got in the way of some of my pictures but there were still rich pickings, and our mini excursion was made into a feature which aired on Friday 6 November at 5.50pm. Catch the show on BBC iPlayer here

First spot of the day was just outside the studios on Paradise Street. This girl looked so quirky and sweet I spotted her a mile off in monochrome houndstooth and adorable accessories. I love the polished Parisian details like the headband, skinny patent belt and grey tights but the eclectic kitsch umbrella covered in pastel flowers is my favourite finishing touch. 

We spotted this striking looking girl with a bunch of guys carrying cameras and filming equipment down Church Street. They were on their way to do recording for something. Media bods do always seem to know how to dress well...and I adore this girls duffle style cape with contrast toggles and big pockets. The oversized coat, opaque tights and ankle boots make a gorgeous silhouette. Lesson learnt here...wearing a wide, bold, statement coat looks best with something sleek and simple on the pins. I'll try and remember this when I (finally) pull out the massive blond faux-fur which has been lurking unworn in the wardrobe.

BBC Radio Merseyside's Claire Hamilton in classic trench, pillar box red scarf and lovely tan leather brogues (you will have to use your imagination as all pics other than these two turned out pretty blotchy due to raindrops on lens...darnit). Claire interviewed the very pretty student Annie Malone in our last spot of the afternoon, at which point it was pretty much chucking it down as you can tell. Annie teams no frills Primark basics with a vintage gold buttoned military style blazer and pair of verrrry nice chestnut coloured lace-up boots (perfect for unpredictable weather). Student style nicely done...and not a daft slogan t-shirt or woolen hippy hat in sight. Joy.


Rain and fashion are NOT buddies. If you manage to find some way to get around in the rain without looking harassed and waterlogged I think you deserve some praise. I met this pair walking down Duke Street in Liverpool and they kindly agreed to let me take their picture despite the nasty weather. I'm liking the lads turn-up jeans, pumps and knuckle tatts, but am particularly taken with girls mixture of fuzzy animal print, denim and nautical stripes (yes more stripes). Layering the denim jacket with little faux-fur coat is a really simple but clever idea actually. Nice way to add some extra warmth when its minging outside but you don't want to chuck on the ol' reliable winter coat. 


"Enough of Halloween already.... it's sooo last week" I hear you say. Well, sorry to break it to you, but I recon Halloween-ness is here to stay this winter. Just look on the high street, leather and black gothy stuff is all over the place. Maybe this explains why the costumes this Halloween were so much cooler than previous years. Less bargain basement Smiffy's and'freak chic'. I ventured over to Leeds last weekend and went to a clubnight at Nation of Shopkeepers and there was a real goth rock vibe...and an abundance of stripey things.

Gross but gorgeous - This girl reminds me of one of my favourite fashion celebs, Roisin Murphy. The Stray Cats style hair shaved on one side = so cool

Werewolfmother - I love this picture but wish you could see the outfit in all its glory. In addition to the mad make-up she was wearing an ace vintage tee with a werewolf and moon on it. Previously the territory of middle aged hippies these animal motif t-shirts are all the rage and I really want to find one. AaaaWoooooo.

'Underwear as Outwear' is a wicked trend, however we can't all work the fancy dress Rocky Horror/stockings/Lady Gaga thing in the local on a Friday night. So, how to make it work post-Halloween in the real world? Try a black lace all in one or vintage slip with a cute trim and wear it with jeans, shorts or a leather jacket.  

Et voila...Le freak c'est chic!


Yes...Kooky. I'll be honest with you I totally can't remember taking this picture. I do like random knitwear though so maybe that explains it. I like the fit (as an owner of way too many ill fitting vintage jumpers and cardi's you tend to notice this). The geometric neon shapes on black is pretty pacman.


Before grungy Alice Dellal popped up not many girls went for 70's/80's skinhead fashion staples like checked shirts, leather jackets, ripped tights and Doc Martens. Now there are variations of the Dellal look all over the place, mostly distilled into rat tail hair, lace tops, lots of kohl and some of these high-waisted denim shorts... not quite the kate mossy micro mini variety...but rather just a little bit too long in length, tightly belted around the waist and with a stonewash finish. It's cute how these two girls are working it like a formula, complete with red lippy, but it's a hot look. Like it too? Don't go copying the Shane Meadows film 'This is England' for some style inspiration from Lol's character.


Hats rule. No-one ever looks boring with a hat...I think the secret is keeping the rest of your outfit simple and not too try-hard. oh and it has to suit your face shape of course. But then with hattage there's always the age old problem of drunk students trying to half-inch it in the club - as illustrated.


So I was overjoyed when I saw this girl on her bike near Albert Dock. She was in a rush to get off to uni, rucksack in tow, but I just had to get a quick picture of the first faux-fur coat I have seen this Autumn. I recently acquired my own vintage number and have been waiting for the best time to pull it out...and the moment is now I think. Wearing something soft, fuzzy and cosy instantly makes you feel good when its nippy outside. I recon this is a pretty good example of seasonal street style actually...summing up perfectly why Autumn is any fashion fanatic's favourite time of year.


The girl on the right here looks ace. Gorgeous pale skin, rosy cheeks and a plaid wool wiggle skirt – very Bettie Page.  Liked her tats too, adds to her moody rockabilly thing. As for the boys... stripy tees always get a thumbs up. I can't explain it but stripes always work on fellas, maybe it's the the timeless gallic thing or connotations with Post Punk/New Wave - think The Police in the music video for "Walking on the Moon". These three should pick up some instruments and start a band or something they look pretty good together.


Caught this pretty lady on a Thursday night in Liverpool and loved her casual evening getup. For Liverpool this can be quite rare at times. Mademoiselle has got it right, with a sexy rose print bodycon, slightly battered denim jacket and my favourite mini touches - vintage looking brown leather belt and delicate victoriana necklace.


Saturday night means that girls and boys can be wonderfully silly, O.T.T or experimental with clothes. This pint-sized specimen stood out for the above reasons. FOLLY loves the massively oversized tie-dye tank (from Sebastien Tellier @ American Apparel i think). The experimental licence of Saturday night will allow the random addition of Topshop jewellery to the outfit - who knows, drunk on cider he may have found it disregarded on the dancefloor and decided to give it a go. But hey... it's a Saturday night afterall.


The first full story on FOLLY was supposed to be all about Autumn street style, what with the change in seasons and all, however with these past couple of sunny weekends, the scarves and woolen hats have remained locked away. Fashion conscious northerners have been making the most of the mild weather, sticking with layering simple summer staples in fun colours: distressed denim, stripy tees (always a FOLLY favourite) and vintage accessories and shoes.

So recently FOLLY had a bit of a wander around Liverpool, picking out some of best looks in town.