Yes...Kooky. I'll be honest with you I totally can't remember taking this picture. I do like random knitwear though so maybe that explains it. I like the fit (as an owner of way too many ill fitting vintage jumpers and cardi's you tend to notice this). The geometric neon shapes on black is pretty too....like pacman.


Before grungy Alice Dellal popped up not many girls went for 70's/80's skinhead fashion staples like checked shirts, leather jackets, ripped tights and Doc Martens. Now there are variations of the Dellal look all over the place, mostly distilled into rat tail hair, lace tops, lots of kohl and some of these high-waisted denim shorts... not quite the kate mossy micro mini variety...but rather just a little bit too long in length, tightly belted around the waist and with a stonewash finish. It's cute how these two girls are working it like a formula, complete with red lippy, but it's a hot look. Like it too? Don't go copying Dellal...watch the Shane Meadows film 'This is England' for some style inspiration from Lol's character.


Hats rule. No-one ever looks boring with a hat...I think the secret is keeping the rest of your outfit simple and not too try-hard. oh and it has to suit your face shape of course. But then with hattage there's always the age old problem of drunk students trying to half-inch it in the club - as illustrated.


So I was overjoyed when I saw this girl on her bike near Albert Dock. She was in a rush to get off to uni, rucksack in tow, but I just had to get a quick picture of the first faux-fur coat I have seen this Autumn. I recently acquired my own vintage number and have been waiting for the best time to pull it out...and the moment is now I think. Wearing something soft, fuzzy and cosy instantly makes you feel good when its nippy outside. I recon this is a pretty good example of seasonal street style actually...summing up perfectly why Autumn is any fashion fanatic's favourite time of year.


The girl on the right here looks ace. Gorgeous pale skin, rosy cheeks and a plaid wool wiggle skirt – very Bettie Page.  Liked her tats too, adds to her moody rockabilly thing. As for the boys... stripy tees always get a thumbs up. I can't explain it but stripes always work on fellas, maybe it's the the timeless gallic thing or connotations with Post Punk/New Wave - think The Police in the music video for "Walking on the Moon". These three should pick up some instruments and start a band or something they look pretty good together.