"Enough of Halloween already.... it's sooo last week" I hear you say. Well, sorry to break it to you, but I recon Halloween-ness is here to stay this winter. Just look on the high street, leather and black gothy stuff is all over the place. Maybe this explains why the costumes this Halloween were so much cooler than previous years. Less bargain basement Smiffy's and'freak chic'. I ventured over to Leeds last weekend and went to a clubnight at Nation of Shopkeepers and there was a real goth rock vibe...and an abundance of stripey things.

Gross but gorgeous - This girl reminds me of one of my favourite fashion celebs, Roisin Murphy. The Stray Cats style hair shaved on one side = so cool

Werewolfmother - I love this picture but wish you could see the outfit in all its glory. In addition to the mad make-up she was wearing an ace vintage tee with a werewolf and moon on it. Previously the territory of middle aged hippies these animal motif t-shirts are all the rage and I really want to find one. AaaaWoooooo.

'Underwear as Outwear' is a wicked trend, however we can't all work the fancy dress Rocky Horror/stockings/Lady Gaga thing in the local on a Friday night. So, how to make it work post-Halloween in the real world? Try a black lace all in one or vintage slip with a cute trim and wear it with jeans, shorts or a leather jacket.  

Et voila...Le freak c'est chic!

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