Speaking of Oxfam...check out this adorable girl. I spotted her working as a volunteer behind the counter in Oxfam Originals. As soon as I saw her I thought of the Enid Blyton book The Naughtiest Girl in School. My mum bought me an old 60's edition from a second hand bookshop when I was a little 'un and I adored that book so much I read it over and over again. Basically it's about a spoilt kid who gets shipped off to some boarding school and pisses everyone off when she gets there, but there is a happy ending of course. 

Schoolgirl freckles, jet black wavy piggy tails and dishevelled gingham battle with neon floral, 80's basketball sneakers and brazen lashings of liquid eyeliner...resulting in a look somewhere between 'Saved by the Bell', Harejuku and Pippi Longstocking. Fun and wonderfully silly - what a brilliant combo for a conscientious young thing doing charity work.

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