A girl does have to venture out of Merseyside every now and then. A few days ago I went to Leeds to catch up with some pals, get glammed up and do a spot of shopping. I took a couple of pics too of course. 

Spotted this girl in a bar and thought her coat was very nice. I’ve not been able to escape fur recently...I remember back in autumn when I was so excited to have seen my first they are everywhere. Doesn’t make me like them any less though. Especially when worn like this with teeny denim shorts for a bit of a 70's glam rock groupie look. 

Sometimes an understated outfit works wonders. It's all about the American Apparel. Simple, form fitting and always rather sexy. 

Finally a bit of late night shopping with an old pal of mine. I pretty much had to force him to let me take this picture as he is a bit camera shy but I really liked his fawn coloured wool blazer (a wicked charity shop find) and mod jumper so I had to get a quick snap. Ha. 

The Victoria Quarter is one of my favourite places in Leeds. I can’t afford anything in there anymore (there used to be an amazing millinery which also sold vintage jewellery and frocks and brilliant Victorian underwear but it seems to have disappeared sadly) but the arcades looked so beautiful and Christmassy with gorgeous pink crystal chandeliers...I thought I’d share this pretty picture with you.

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