I probably don't need to tell you that I've been appreciating Faux-Fur a lot recently. I think it's just that its been so bloody cold these days that I'm hugely impressed with anything that can simultaneously look good and be very warm. Here are a couple of inspiring F-F looks I've seen recently on the street.

Dot Love - I've always secretly thought Dot Cotton was a bit of a British fashion icon. Wait... before you guffaw, think about it. Clashing liberty prints...cameo brooches...doily collars...wiggle skirts...cute flats...hand knitted cardies...? This lovely rich dark-chocolate double breasted F-F reminds me of something Cotton would wear to the Queen Vic at Xmas with a pastel headscarf and pearls. However, teamed with pixie hair, Laura Ashley style print, sleek pins and perfect almond-toe granny flats, Sarah (above) makes Dot Cotton's wardrobe look rather dashing if you ask me.

This ace F-F is similar to my own...I prefer the cut on this one through, more of an a-line shape which is really flattering. I like this girls patterned green sateen jumpsuit peeping out and her scattering of accessories, and I especially love the fact she is working it all as a daytime look. All in all a very bohemian yet confident combo. Like most things, on the fur front I'm definitely all for going vintage. Loads cheaper, unique in colour and texture and with a more classic cut. A good one will last yonks too compared to a high street copy. If you must go high street though (vintage sizing can be a bit unpredictable and finding your dream F-F might take a while) H+M has a nice version in a similar cut to the one worn above (in chestnut) for around 70 pounds sterling.

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