I love how the whole of Liverpool has gone into shutdown after the snow. I was trying to spend some xmas vouchers on the Chanel counter at Debenhams when the orange lady was like "we're closing in 5 minutes becuase of the weather". Funny. Anyway I didn't mind too much becuase there was a really nice tranquil atmosphere in the city centre and I had a mill about in the unmarked snow. I saw this threesome down the side of Bold Street and they looked like a sweet bunch, all huddled under one umbrella, so I asked to take their picture. 

The girl in the middle really stands out. Obviously she's very gorgeous but it was the tan and navy burberry-esque bucket bag caught my eye's got that 'middle-class country classic' thing I'm into a lot right now.

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  1. lol at The Chanel counter we have snow here in the South now and everything has shutdown xoxo Great post