I recently read about Luis Lopez-Smith, the 25 year old Manchester Met and RCA graduate who has just been drafted in as design consultant for Manchester sports brand UMBRO, in an attempt to make it as appealing to fashion conscious sportswear kids as other established labels who have cashed in on their 'retro-cool' credentials. I'll admit I was instantly intrigued by the idea of the footie fans' favourite, renowned for those polyester gym shorts and flammable fleeces, drafting in some hip young sportswear prodigy to breathe some life into the brand. Sadly theres nothing in the way of a collection yet, but here are a few pics from Lopez-Smith's mental MA show 'Hahabangbang'. Nintendo cartoon psychedelia, mindbending detail and trippy prints all the way.

Here are some bits from a recent shoot for Vice Magazine where they teamed chav UMBRO pieces with some of the tamer bits from Lopez-Smith's 'Hahabangbang' collection. I'm curious to see what comes out of this merger. Not sure what the UMBRO lads down the estate will think though...

Photography: Elizabeth Johnson, 
Pics courtesy Vice Magazine

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