Layering is a necessity in this weather, but it's good to mix things up a bit. My fave clothing item at the moment is the monochrome graphic tee - think a well cut, soft cotton short sleeve top or vest with a distinctive print in black and white only. The 'Mono-Tee' works wonders peeking out of loads of cosy layers and goes from day to night like a treat (I just add the obligatory slick of bright lipstick and lots of necklaces). So I was rather chuffed when I discovered DOM DICK & HARRY, a kinda sex-and-drugs-and-rock-and-roll unisex t-shirt label founded by Leeds designer Dominic Al-Samarraie.  

I was actually properly introduced to Dom by a friend at a house party and checked out his website the other day... he's working on new designs at the moment so keep an eye out on his blog/site, but the stuff on there already is pretty hot. Citing 'hearts, whores and crosses' as inspiration, DOM DICK & HARRY tees feature predominantly black and white, freaky friday MS Webding motifs which fit right into my current 'Mono-Tee' obsession. I'm after the 'Play-blocks' logo print vest (pictured above) to wear with black spray on jeans or a mini pleated skirt. At 25 quid it's a bargain for a one off thing lovingly made by a guy in his Leeds studio.

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  1. love love love!

    i don't mean to beg/look a bit needy, but i've just started a new fashion blog, and i'd really appreciate it if anyone reading this would check it out and leave a comment.
    thank you! :-)