Boys look good in shearling coats, it's the hardy English thing. I like this battered brown-grey version with leather buttons. Loads of character worn with traditional plaid shirt, bookish glasses, satchel and muso headphones. On the subject of leather buttons...I bought some similar ones from John Lewis a while ago to update an old blazer - try it yourself for an uber cheap way to customise a chunky cardi or last years winter coat.


  1. so i had a nice long blue wool coat, that coat got stolen because stupidly went out in camden, i tried to buy the coat again from the same high street retailer i got the original one from 2 months ago, they had changed all the buttons from nice blue ones to brown leather buttons. they must have been on FOLLY. it didnt work on this coat though so today i bought new blue buttons.

    just saying x

  2. Thank you for this wonderful nugget of your life.

    I admire a man who knows what he likes enough to sew his own buttons. :)